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Plywood Arrives!

The plywood was delivered late this afternoon. 9 sheets of 1088 Meranti well packaged on a pallet. 10 days after ordering it from Noah’s Marine in Toronto. Everything looks good. I’m really excited. I wish I didn’t have to wait until spring to get started on this project. There it is, on the floor beside the van.


My favourite shot fooling around with the low light, slow shutter and Christmas lights.



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Plywood purchased

On Thursday evening I visited Noah’s Marine website and saw that they had 1088 Meranti plywood on sale for 10% off. I hadn’t planned on buying plywood until the spring but decided to go for it so that I wouldn’t be stewing about whether to buy from the States at a bit less money or buy from another place in Canada, etc, etc. Now, the deed is done. It will cost me about $820 CAD delivered to my house from Ontario.  

Now, I really feel committed to building this boat. I am good at reading about building things but not good at actually getting down to it and following through.

This should be great material to work with. I hope that I can do it justice. 

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