Sawhorses Finished

And what sawhorses they are! lol

Good project for me to get used to using tools, measuring, etc and they will be very handy for building Ladybug.

I did learn a few things: I don’t like the jigsaw for cutting bevels. I found the blade angle changed during the cut or the blade deflected. I spent quite a bit of time using my good old chisels to shave down the places where there was too much wood left due to the blade deflecting. I clamped a guide to the pieces before I cut and tried my best to keep the saw against the guide and level and tried to let the blade do the work and not force the issue but I only got one cut I was happy with. Good thing my old Marples chisel was still nearly razor sharp after sitting unused in my tool box for about 9 years! I sure hope that the jigsaw will be better to cutting out the side and bilge panels.

I sure liked the tablesaw. I have a 10 year old Delta Contractor saw with a Unifence. The fence is very good. It will make cutting the angles required on the bulkhead lumber a breeze. Just have to put together a push stick or two before I start.

I picked up a Veritas Sliding Bevel and Bevel Setter from Lee Valley Tools a few days ago and found them both useful for setting up the table saw to the angle I wanted for the sawhorses, comparing the angle cut by the jigsaw to the angle I wanted and so on.

It was a bit brisk working with the garage door open as there is still snow on the ground and it wasn’t above freezing today.

Time: 3/7



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