First Bulkheads Cut Out

After putting in a long day at work getting my last partnership ready for tax filing I was ready to come home and mess about in the garage. I decided it was time to do some plywood cutting. I hauled up one piece of 1/4″ that I had marked out bulkhead 11 and 4.5 on.

I decided to cut out roughly around bulkhead 4.5 and then put it on the table saw to cut along the bottom. So, I loaded up a blade in my jigsaw and started cutting. Everything was ok until I started cutting across the grain of the top layer…oh my goodness did it ever splinter! I stopped and pulled out my old Makita circular saw. Same thing with it. Then I decided to try out the Japanese plywood saw that I bought a couple days ago (this is another japanese saw). It really didn’t want to work either. So, I finished making the cut with the jigsaw but took it very wide of the marked edge of the bulkhead.

I set up the tablesaw and cut off across the bottom. That tablesaw cuts like a dream! I took the cut to within 1/16″. Then, I tried to see if I could make an angled cut on the table saw to make the cut from the bottom to the side where the bilge panels will go. I didn’t like any of the arrangements. So, What to do? I went and got the Japanese Dozuki saw. It has finer teeth and it cut wonderfully so I cut to within about an 1/8″ on one of the sides. Then, I went and pulled out my Dad’s old pocket handplane and started shaving off the remainder. Went great!

So, I used the table saw, dozuki and handplane to finish 4.5 and do bulkhead 11. Went pretty darn good. I like using the handplane as it cuts this merant plywood easily and it is easy to control. I think all of my edges are within 1/16 to 1/32 of the cut lines.

Splintered edges from the jigsaw…


Better edge with the Dozuki and handplane…


First bulkhead cut out…..


I can’t tell you how happy I am to have cut something out and have it look like it was done by someone who knew what they were doing!

Time: 2/9


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