Saturday, March 22/08

I found a finer blade my jigsaw tonight and it was much better. Not as good as my Japanese
saw but much better!

Got all my bulkheads cut out and laid out one side panel and bilge panel tonight. I bought a flexible piece of hemlock molding this morning to use as a batten. I set up the table saw with a featherboard and a hold-down (block of wood held on by a clamp and fed it through until I got it 1/4″ thick and flat on both sides then I laid it down and ripped it 1″

I ripped a 3/4″ sheet of construction ply in half and then nailed it across my three sawhorses to make a long table. Laid the pieces of marine ply end to end that I had previously marked out the measurements for the side panel and bilge panel on using the grid system in the plans. I fiddled about trying to figure out ways to keep the batten in place and it was just impossible.

Then, I came up with a solution. I tapped in some small nails at each measurement point, and used small c-clamps to hold the batten to the nails. Ran a pencil along the batten to mark the lines and everything was good!






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