Sunday March 23rd, 2008

Got quite a bit more accomplished today. I cut out the bilge panel and side panel from two sheets of 1/4″ and the transom from a sheet of 1/2″. I used the jigsaw for the bilge and side and then the handplanes to bring things down to the lines. I love those handplanes! In addition to the old one of my Dad’s, I was using a small 10: long plane that I salvaged from a friend’s junk pile many years ago.

I used the table saw to do most of the work on the transom, leaving just small amounts to be taken off by the handplanes.

I was at work all afternoon and in the evening I laid out temporary Form 8 on the sheet of construction plywood I bought for that purpose. I had a bunch of stuff piled on the table saw and the floor was clean and I didn’t feel like moving everything and sweeping up again so I lapped my japanese waterstone and then figured out how to use the new sharpening guide. I gave the iron from my Dad’s old plane a sharpening. It just sings when it is freshly sharpened! That was enough for today!

Total time (Today/Total): 4/18


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Filed under Cutting and shaping, Layout, Tools

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