Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today was mostly a clean-up day. I did a bit of work. I framed the temporary form using 1X4 spruce that I cut into 1 1/2 wide pieces. I screwed the pieces to the form using some brass screws I’ve had for about ten years. I am going to take it apart and glue the frame pieces to the form inside the house tonight if I can swing it.

I cut close to the edges on most of the bottom pieces. I left a strip about 2 feet long on both sides of the joint flat to help me line them up when it is time to epoxy them together.

I cleaned off the countertop to make room for all the tools I am using. This will save me walking around wondering where I left something … provided I get into the habit of putting tools on the counter after using them. I’m pretty terrible for laying things down wherever I happen to be when I finish using it.

Hunter and I went looking for c-clamps today…unsuccessfully. I don’t know why you can’t find inexpensive clamps but you can’t. I did check out a Makita 9227 Sander/Polisher at House of Tools. Nice piece of gear. Don’t know if I really need something like that. Samual Devlin recommends his quite highly in his book. I think I should spend the money on good lumber for the mast and spars. I saw a similar tool at Princess Auto for $60…quite a bit less than $239 for the Makita.

After I finished vacuuming the garage with my new Rigid shop vac I put all the pieces on the sawhorse platform to have a look and take some photos….and figure out how these pieces all go together. Seeing everything laid out was good. I have gotten quite a bit done before my planned April 1st start date. If it would just warm up enough for me to do the butt joints on the long pieces I’d be nearly ready to start assembling the boat.

Some photos….


All the pieces laid out….


From the other end…
From Front



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