Epoxy – OMIGOD what messy stuff!

I didn’t get anything done at all tonight as I was unable to find any suitable lumber for the transom…or anything else! I may have to do a lot of laminating in order to finish this boat!

So, fairly late in the evening I went out and set up the pumps in the epoxy and mixed up my first batch of epoxy. The scale was acting kind of weird and I wound up making more than I wanted…about 4 oz.

I coated two pieces of scrap and laid them on the floor covered by plastic and put a toolbox on top for weight…to test the laminating process. I then cut a piece of 3″ tape and laid it on the plastic, poured the remaining epoxy on it and tried spreading it out with a piece of scrap…..holy sticky messy stuff! I eventually got it to lay flat and then placed two pieces of scrap on top, covered them with plastic and weighted them down with another toolbox to test the butt joining process. It likely didn’t help that I let the stuff sit for quite a few minutes before I decided to try the taping test and it took me time to find scissors, cut the tape, etc, etc…but it was most edifying nonetheless.

I am really glad I tried even these couple of small things as I see how important it will be to completely reorganize the garage to have a clean organized workspace and to really plan everything out before I start filleting and taping and glassing. Being fast will be very important and wasting time not a luxury I will have as I will likely be working solo throughout the glassing process.

I will have to try using a bit of filler for making the laminations and also some wood flour for the fillets to get an idea of how to mix everything properly and how to get things to the proper consistency.

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