Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another warm, although windy, day and I got some more work done.

I rounded over and sanded the inside edges of all the remaining bulkheads. I don’t know if I’l ever notice that I did this but it just seemed like a good thing to do…and I’ve hardly ever used that big honking Porter Cable 7239 router so there you go!

Then, I cut off the excess tape and hardened epoxy from the first side panel I joined together. Lots of bubbles but I think it is fixable and livable. I am sure that if I ant to I can use a syringe and inject epoxy into the bubbles that are under the glass tape and the ones on top can just be sanded down and filled with fairing compound when the time comes.

Then, I decided to go ahead and butt join the other side panel. I laid it out, cut out my tapes and got everything ready. I was more careful this time to reduce the amount of excess epoxy so that I wouldn’t have large ripples to remove by sanding. I also used a smoother for wallpapering to try and get any bubbles out from under the tape. (I am going to have to try and find a notched roller for that job) I finished up and built my heating shelter over top to hopefully speed the curing process.

I talked to my neighbour, Al Manderscheid, who owns a body repair shop and does a fair bit of fiberglass work and had him look at the bubbles. He wasn’t concerned about the bubbles and he offered me several tips and bits of advice. It will be a great relief to Chuck L. to learn that I have somebody else to ask questions of so that I won’t be filling up his e-mail box all the time with questions.

Then, I mixed up a little bit more epoxy plus wood flour/cabosil filler to do a repair on an old chair that I have been carting around for years. It is a beautiful old hardwood chair that was used in the back of my Aunt Mable and her husband, Cecil James, picture framing business, James ARt Studio, for many years. When I got it, it was covered with paint and glue, saw marks, etc. Years ago I stripped off all the glue and paint and refinished it with some stain and wax. Becuase the top part of the back was broken, the back piece wouldn’t stay in…until I decided to epoxy everything in! I cut out a small piece of fir to replace the broken part of the back and epoxied everything back together. I clamped the fir piece across the back and I’ll leave it for a couple of days before I take it off.

Then, I did a major clean-up of the garage and also cleaned out my van from end to end.

Everything is going pretty well.


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