Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I got out in the garage about 8 pm. I grabbed the router and put my new edge trimmer bit from Lee Valley into the chuck, got on the dust mask, face shield and ear protectors, lined up the depth, set the stop on the router so that I can plunge down to the correct depth again and tried it out….

Looked pretty darn good…..

Then, I started hurrying and somehow bumped the ball bearing above the template. NOT a good thing….

The router did a fantastic job but it has to be managed carefully as you can sure make a mess of things in a hurry with a power tool…as demonstrated above. Fortunately, the divots will be covered by the deck covers and I should be able to fill them quite easily if necessary. Just irritating that I allowed this to happen. Like my good old Dad used to say, “More haste, less speed.”

You have to be careful which way you are cutting vis a vis the rotation of the bit. If you are moving with the rotation the bit wants to pull the router along and I can see that resulting in a loss of control. My setup left a lot to be desired as I spent a lot of time reorganizing things to cut the other side and the ends. It all turned out ok but for the bilge panels I am going to set things up in the driveway using support that will allow me to more easily trim both sides. It will also avoid the huge amounts of sawdust that are generated by a router.

Did lots of vacuuming and then I took down the sawhorses, stored the scrap against a side wall, vacuumed some more and called it a night. I had hoped to have the time to epoxy the bilge panel(s) but it didn’t work out that way. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll get one or possibly both butt joined. That would leave me the bottom to join and I’d be much closer to the point where I can actually start assembling the boat.

However, I might put one or two coats of epoxy on all the surfaces of the various panels as well as the bulkheads, masking off the places where the fillets and glass will go in the stitch and glue step. I hear good things from some people about doing this and others don’t think it is necessary. It would be good to be able to do all the sanding prep work on the epoxy while I can sand flat panels. So, I am somewhat undecided.



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