Wednesday April 16, 2008

I got out in the garage after 8. I was hoping to join both bilge panels but wound up only doing one.

I took my time and tried to lay out everything beforehand and to also know exactly what I was going to do.

So, after setting up a workstation on the floor, I started. I mixed the epoxy for 3 minutes. I made about 85 gms….just barely enough for one side of the joint as it turned out. I brushed epoxy onto the plywood panels about 3-4 inches on each one. Then I brushed epoxy onto the wax paper, laid the strips down one at a time, saturating with brushed on epoxy. Then, I used the smoother to smooth out the tape and get rid of any bubbles.

That being done, I flipped over the panels one at a time. After lining the first with the middle of the tapes, I pressed it into the epoxy and tapes and nailed it to the plywood backing board. Then, I lifted up the other half and lined it up before putting it down into the tape/epoxy. I made sure it was tight against the other piece and nailed it to the backing board as well.

Then, I mixed up about 105 gm of epoxy for the top side of the joint. Three minutes stir time, brushed on 3-4 inches on both sides of the joint, laid the first tape down, saturated it by brushing on epoxy, laid the second tape down and saturated it as well. Used the smoother again for bubbles then laid wax paper on top, a smooth piece of plywood scrap and weighted everything down with a toolbox and 2 milk jugs full of water.

By then it was after 9:30 and I didn’t feel like doing another one. So, I built the little shack, put the heater into it set to 75 degrees F or 24C. The garage temperature is 54F….and the weather is going to get cold again….in fact snow is predicted in the next few days!

I really hope these joints turn out well as I really tried to use the advice I’ve been given and the experience I’ve gained thus far. Two joints to go and then all the major parts except the transom will be ready to go.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when the weather warms up if I am still in the heavy duty epoxy stage…I was sweating out there with my coveralls, respirator, face shield and gloves on.

The layout and heater shelter about ready….

A balmy 54 degrees F….

The layout….



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