Thursday April 17, 2008

More moon craters! I was pretty disappointed to uncover last night’s joint to find still more craters. I’m at a bit of a loss…oh well, I joined the second bilge panel tonight so I only have the bottom left to do. I think I am going to do the bottom in two days and only epoxy one side at a time. Then, my plan is to screw a 2×4 to the joined pieces to enable me to turn it over without stressing the joint. Then, I’ll do the other side.

I also laminated the two halves of the rudder tonight so I have two things curing in the garage.

Weather today was pretty darn nice….too bad that the temp is going to drop and snow is predicted for the weekend. Back to freezing in the garage. I don’t know if I’ll do any more epoxying until it warms up again…but that might take a week.

Of course, to go with the second warm day of the year….I swatted my first mosquito 😦


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