Friday, April 18, 2008

Not too much time today. I waited until after supper to check out yesterdays joints. One side was likely the best joint in terms of smoothness but still had a few bubbles under the glass tape it looks like. The other side was cratered…not as bad as others and fixable but still a disappointment.

After a while I decided to join the bottom. I decided to do this in two steps. I set things up with plastic and wax paper under one side. I nailed down one side so that I would be able to butt the other side up tight against it. Cut out tape, got brush and everything else ready then donned the respirator, face shield and gloves. I mixed up the most epoxy that I had ever mixed up…120g or about 4 ozs. I figured this would be enough but it was barely enough…and maybe not quite enough. I’ll have to see if the joint looks like it could have used more epoxy tomorrow.

I painted the epoxy on to the edges and the surface where the tape was going to go, butted the pieces together, laid each piece of tape down individually, pressed it into the epoxy on the plywood surface, ran over it with the smoother, brushed on more epoxy, hit it with the smoother, brushed some more and finally covered it up with wax paper, a piece of plywood and some weights.

The I built a new heat shelter and put the heater into it. The weather is being forecast to be pretty bad by Sunday this weekend so I figured I’d try and get this joint finished before the temperature in the garage drops to nearly freezing again. Despite the cooler temperatures I killed another mosquito tonight. I hope the cold weather wipes them out…that would make the snow worth it!

Here’s the new heat shelter….

Just looking at this makes me really wish I hadn’t taken a couple of large cardboard boxes to recycling when I cleaned up the garage to get started. With a few modifications they would have made great shelters to heat the joints…likely much better than these shanties I have been cobbling together.


I finished this post, went downstairs to scoop the cat box and when I came back upstairs noticed that it looked very white outside…an April blizzard is definitely upon us…check out the photos….


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