Wednesday April 23, 2008

Time: 1/58

I haven’t done anything on the boat yet today as I am still at work but I just wanted to start off today’s post by saying that I got a package from Chuck and Sandra at Duckworks today and I have a Sand Shark to try out. It looks like it should be able to quickly remove some of the large waves of epoxy I have created.

Chuck and Sandra also threw in a fiberglass bubble roller for me to try out as well so I will give that a go as soon as I am ready to glass the other side of the bottom.

I saw some syringes for injecting glue on the Lee Valley website so I think I will give that a try on the bottom joint where I separated the joint. Lots of experiments coming up.

I managed to get started about 9 pm and spent an hour sanding. I tried out the Sand Shark. I sure wish it had arrived a few days ago so that I could have used it on the worst epoxy wave as it made pretty quick work of removing the excess epoxy. It makes me a bit nervous that I’ll overdo it so I only used it at the start to get the thick parts off in a hurray….and that was usign the finer side of the abrasive plate!

The craters before starting….

The craters after about a minute and a half of sanding with the Sand Shark….note the large piles of white powder…

Great tool!


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