May 8, 2008 Experiment

Last night I didn’t get in the garage until later in the evening. I have one side panel laid out and taped up for coating with epoxy. I looked at it and looked at it and couldn’t decide what to do. I didn’t have enough time left to try and put 2 coats of epoxy on as it was late, it was cool in the garage and the epoxy would cure slowly.

After much pacing and thinking I decided to do a little experiment. I mixed up 45 ml of epoxy and coated the front face of the front bulkhead…maybe 1 square foot of area. I also coated a little area on the side panel near the transom. With the epoxy left over I added wood flour and cabosil until I had what appeared to be the necessary consistency for a fillet. I taped two pieces of scrap together at what I guessed to be the angle the side and bilge panels will take to each other and then smeared the fillet onto the joint. I tried using a tennis ball to round it but the radius isn’t large enough as the fillet becomes very thin at the joint. So, I added more fillet material and found a plastic lid with a larger radius and tried that. It looked a bit better so I left it to cure overnight. It’s going to be a messy job working with this stuff!

Checked the surfaces before I went to bed and they were still too soft to recoat so I went to sleep. Woke up and checked first thing this morning and they weere cured pretty hard..not tacky at all so I will have to sand before recoating. The fillet seemed pretty firm but I’ll leave it for the rest of the day before I test it for strength…I want to see how strong some “spot welds” will be so that I can remove the wires without having to heat them up.

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