It’s Coming Along!


Today I planed down all the seams, filled the gaps where I had used plastic twist ties and crawled and contortioned under the back and filled the joint between the transom, bilge panels and bottom with epoxy and then thickened epoxy.

I started early after getting a phone call from an old friend in the morning. I started planing down the bottom to meet up with the bilge panel…heavy going. After a while I dug into my plane drawer and pulled out my largest plane… a 5 1/2 Stanley/Bailey jackplane. Fifteen inches of heavy steel. I got a workout again today but this tool definitely made it easier!

I also used some 60 grit paper made by Norton that I picked up from Lee Valley a couple of days ago. They gave it quite the sales pitch in their catalog and I have to say it was worth it…this stuff really cut well and didn’t load up at all….just like they said it would!

After getting everything planed and sanded down to where I wanted it I filled the gaps with straight epoxy to soak in and then ziploc bagged the thick stuff into the gaps. I put masking tape above and below the gaps and it helped keep the mess fairly local when I smoothed out the filler. I screwed a screw into the plastic tie hole to hold a rope with some weight and then added a toolbox for good measure….

After that was done, I cut out some fiberglass tapes to cover the seams as I was considering getting started on doing these long seams. As it turned out, once Patty and the boys returned from the weekend at Patty’s sister in Tisdale I didn’t have time. So, I epoxied the back joints where the transom joins the bilge panels and bottom. That ziploc bag trick just works like a charm!

I think that my next steps will be to cut the bilge panels and bottom so that they make a smooth joint with the transom and then I will do the taping when I have a few hours available. In the meantime I will work on the tapering of the rudder and leeboard.

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