Thursday, May 22, 2008


I put a another coat of epoxy onto the tape in the morning before going to work…this to fill the weave.

While at work, Patty called and asked if I was interested in taking the boys out of school and going up to Iroquois Lake where we bought a lot over the winter to build a cabin on. I thought that was a great idea and headed home before 1.

We had a great day up at the lake(s). We got to see our lot uncovered by snow, walked around the village, met a couple of our lake neighbours, scared a Canada Goose off her nest and went wading in the lake.

On the way home from Iroquois we took a different route that took us to Emerald Lake, the lake where my family had a cabin while I was growing up and which is still one of my favourite places on earth.

They have a floating dock on the main beach and Hunter had to get out to the dock so he took off his pants and waded in wearing his underwear and t-shirt….remember that the ice just melted in these lakes about a week to 10 days ago…they are frigid!!! Before long, he had the t-shirt off as well and was running and jumping into the water…

Good frigid Canadian fun!!!

When we got home I spent some more time on the boat. Following Chuck Leinweber’s suggestion in an e-mail, I used my cabinet scraper to scrape down the bulge from the selvage edge on the tape. That worked pretty good but I decided to try my block plane…I have a Stanley block plane with an adjustable mouth with a razor sharp iron in it that I haven’t used much on this project. It was the ticket, cutting off fine shavings of epoxy and tape. I used it on the selvage edges from both tapes which resulted in me cutting through a layer of tape and leaving a strip of tape unattached to anything meaningful but decided it would be easier to fill the gap that fair over the bulge from the selvage edge. (I will be doing things differently on all my subsequent edges)

After that was done I got out the System Three Fairing Compound I bought from Chuck a while ago. That stuff is just the bomb! Mixes up so easily and is smooth and sag-free. I went over the seam the complete length of the boat and it looks great. Super stuff!


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