Friday and Saturday, May 22 & 23, 2008


Friday night I taped the remaining three seams. Following a series of e-mails with Chuck I decided to only put one layer of tape on them. The taping went fairly quickly.

Saturday morning I got up early and planed the selvage edge off the tapes. Then I put another coat of epoxy on them. Saturday evening, late Saturday evening, I planed the edges some more and sanded the tapes. Then, I got going with the fairing compound and went over all three tapes.

My plan for tomorrow is to sand the fairing compound and then put some tape on the transom joints. When that is cured, I’ll put another coat of epoxy and then fair those edges. At that point in time I’ll turn the boat over, put on some gunwales (got to go lumber shopping), and do the interior filleting and glassing.


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