May 27 to June 2, 2008


Long time no post! I have done quite a few things but can’t remember much of the exact days, etc. After filling the transom and working on the bottom a bit I was considering glassing the bottom and then using fairing compound to make it all pretty. I posted some questions to Duckworks forum on Yahoo and soon realized that putting easy to sand fairing compound as the outermost surface on the bottom wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. So…..I decided to turn the boat over and get the interior glassing done.

I had a real long day last Saturday. I was up early and painted the joints in the first compartment with epoxy to start. Then, I mixed up some epoxy and added wood flour and cabosil to thicken it for fillets. Made it nearly too thick as it wouldn’t spread very easily and it was difficult to get a smooth surface. After using that up I broke out the EZ-Fillet from System Three that had arrived on Friday afternoon. I had been thinking I would save it for the main cockpit where appearance may be more important. It mixed up very nice and was great to work with. The main problem I had was finding something the right curve for the less than 90 degree angles on these long seams. It’s not very pretty but it will be well hidden from view so once I sand it and paint it I’m done with it.

I eventually got the first compartment finished, taped and glassed. It took a LOT longer to do than I thought it would. Then I turned my attention to:

The Anchor Well From H E L L

I must have looked like a three year old playing in the mud when I was filleting that narrow, deep little well. I had epoxy fillet goop everywhere. If I thought getting things nice and smooth in the first compartment was difficult, I soon learned some things were worse. 😦

I got it filleted by late Saturday. Early Sunday morning I glassed it. It went fairly well but it’s still pretty rough looking inside. Sunday afternoon we took the boys out to a small lake close to the city to try out their new kayaks that I picked up a week ago from Costco. They had a blast exploring and the best thing was going out individually with their Mom to poke around in the tall reeds and grasses. Just over 2 years ago Patty was still in Seattle having a stem cell transplant done for leukemia so her being able to do things like this with her two sons are pretty priceless as they almost lost her a couple of times over the last three years.

Sunday night I put a weave fill coat on the anchor well glass. Today I haven’t had a chance to do anything between going to Cam’s soccer game and watching the Pens take the Wings to the third overtime period in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals and finally force a Game 6.

Still lots to do. I may take a couple of days off here and there to finish the interior glassing, do the gunwales and work on the leeboard, mast, yards and rudder.


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