12/160 Glassing, Scarfing, Sanding

Saturday, June 7th to Monday June 9th….

I can’t remember everything in order but here is what has been accomplished in the last 3 days…

Glassed the rear well, glassed the bulkheads in the cockpit…leaving only the four seams in the cockpit to complete once the gunwales are on. I sanded lots and lots and lots.

One thing I tried that I quite liked was putting the tape into the first epoxy coat on top of the fillets that was tacky, not wet and then wetting it out when I had it lined up and any cuts made in corners so that the tape would lay flat. I found it much easier to do this when it was tacky and not trying to do it with wet sticky tape.

I went out looking for wood and wound up buying mahogany for the gunwales. It was cheaper than the douglas fir…which doesn’t seem right to me….but that’s the way it goes. I found some sitka spruce at a fairly reasonable price but didn’t have cash đŸ˜‰ so I will go back on Tuesday and pick it up. Should get enough for the mast, spars and a couple of kayak paddles for the boys for their new kayaks.

On Saturday afternoon I built a jig to use with my router to cut the scarf joints. I somehow managed to get two angles identical on the scrap 2×4 pieces that I then screwed to a piece of plywood. Added a sacrificial piece of plywood in the centre to raise the level of the piece being scarfed and I was ready to go. After a couple of miscues, my procedure was to lay the piece to be cut between the two sides and tap in into place with a piece of scrap wood…they fit quite snugly and then I nailed the piece so that the router blade wouldn’t knock it backwards. I also learned to make several passes taking the level down gradually as hitting the mahogany with the blade at its full depth would lift it up and mess up the angle. Small cuts did the trick.

Then, I laid them on top of wax paper on a piece of plywood, nailed them to the plywood after doing a preliminary coat with unthickened epoxy and then a thickened layer with cabosil only as a thickener. I have a slight angle issue with the second one but I think I can make it work…if not, I’ll just cut the scarf out and redo it as I left lots of length on the first two long pieces put together.

As I type this the last two gunwale pieces have been scarfed and are in the garage curing. I think I will wait until these pieces have been curing for at least three days before trying to bend them into place as it has been cool for the whole month of June. After curing for 24 hours the epoxy was still stiff but leathery and not hard.

Our cat, Fred, just got his summer buzz job and checked the boat out while I was taking pictures..


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