1/164 Leeboard Guard

Didn’t do much today, busy with baseball in the evening. I did gather up some 1/4″ plywood scraps to laminate together to make the leeboard guard. I was fiddling about getting an idea of how wide the piece needed to be, checking it against the plans….and suddenly realized I was working to put it on the wrong side of the boat!! I guess it wouldn’t really make any difference but that would have been a blunder I wouldn’t have been too pleased with had I epoxied it into place!

I also measured out the coordinates for the pivot bolt hole on the leeboard and realized I have to round off the top corner. I think I’ll drill the pivot hole before I do any more work. Once I remove the corner above it I will not be able to make an accurate measurement for its location so I think it best to get it drilled before I do something to erase or cover the mark.

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