3/167 Gunwales!!!

Today I picked up a new tool from Lee Valley….carbide blade scraper, a really ugly one…but does it ever scrape! WAY better than the steel one I have been using and filing to sharpen way too often. I am sure I will get to give it a pretty good workout tomorrow after the gunwales are nearly cured.

Tonight after supper I got the boys to come out to the garage and help me screw the first two layers of gunwales to the boat. After we got them both bent and screwed to the boat it was nearly time for them to head off to bed so I gave them a nutritious snack of ice cream, bananas and chocolate syrup and got them tucked in. Then, I went back out to epoxy at least one of the gunwales onto the boat.

I unscrewed the bow screws back to just behind the temporary form. Then I mixed up some unthickened epoxy and brushed that onto the boat and the inside of the gunwale. I then mixed up some epoxy and thickened it pretty good with cabosil and wood flour … about a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio of cabosil to wood flour. I spread that on with a stick and then started screwing the gunwale back to the boat. It was pretty easy. I drove the screws in until the tip was poking out and used that to find the hole and then drove them in. As you can see, I also used a bunch of clamps to make sure I got squeeze-out everywhere. I also drove 3/4 inch screws into the gunwales from the inside of the boat.

It feels great to have the gunwales started! When I take the temporary form out … hopefully sometime this weekend after I have all the gunwales epoxied to the boat it is going to be a real milestone!


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