13/180 (Hours) Gunwales & Glass

Once again, I can’t remember everything in order but I got the last gunwale on and after it had pretty much cured, I took out the temporary form. Left the clamps on for overnight just in case although everything seemed to be completely set up. Man, it feels great to reach that point!

I did have a couple of problems with screws breaking off … one drywall screw that I was using for temporary holding is permanently buried in the gunwales as when I tried to back it out of the transom support it snapped off. I decided to change to stainless screws and snapped one of them off when I tried to bury it without using my little countersink bit. After I drilled a bunch of holes around it in order to take off the gunwale and get this screw out (I couldn’t leave it alone as I when it snapped the two gunwale layers weren’t snug) I decided to change things a bit. I went to a lightly larger bit to drill pilot holes and made sure they were deeper than the screws. I also countersunk each hole to avoid torquing the screw in to get it recessed. Everything was good after that.

Late Saturday night I put on a first coat of unthickened epoxy and then mixed up fillet material and filleted the long seams in the cockpit. I was having a sleep in the tent night for Father’s Day so went to bed with intentions of getting up early to finish….and, at 4:45 I was awakened by the sprinklers coming on and spraying the tent so…I came in, cut out tape, laid it on the tacky fillets and then brushed on epoxy.

Back to the tent to have some sleep and I slept till nearly 10 am. Then the boys came out with their cards and presents…

It was soon off to baseball practice, then to “Kung-Fu Panda” (which was better than I expected), dinner at a great Central American restaurant and then home. A little scraping and sanding and some garage cleanup and the day was done. Hope all the Dads out there had as good a Father’s Day as I did.


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