1/181 Stem

All I worked on tonight was laminating two pieces of mahogany together to use for the stem. Pretty straightforward. Brush on unthickened epoxy, thicken the rest with wood flour and cabosil, spread it on, rub the two pieces together and then clamp together. I used 6 clamps on a 24″ long assembly. I laid the clamped pieces edgewise and alternated the sides that the clamps were tightened on to avoid the assembly tipping over and used a strip of wood on both sides to avoid marking.

I briefly used clamps at each end to make sure the edges were aligned and were flat across the joint.

I looked at the stem and the way the gunwales meet at the front, trying to figure out how I am going to cut the gunwales to fit the stem between them …. I sense filleting material being made use of as there doesn’t seem to be an accurate way to lay this out so I’l do my best to cut the gunwales so that the stem fits in between them and then fill the gaps as required. I think I’ll also taper the outermost gunwales so that they come to a rounded junction with the stem.


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