2/183 More Stem Work

Today after work I drove down to Lee Valley and picked up a big honking router bit..a straight template bit with cutters 1 1/2″ deep to trim the gunwales at the front and back using a template.

I also drove over to Windsor Plywood and picked up what should be enough lumber for me to finish the boat…some douglas fir and some mahogany.

Unloaded everything and did a bit of checking out the stem and gunwale junction. I couldn’t figure out a good way to accurately measure how to cut the gunwales back to fit the stem between them so I eyeballed it and cut them with the Japanese pull saw. A bit more work with the wood rasp and things fit close enough. When I epoxy the stem on I’ll fill the gaps with fillet material or wood flour and cabosil filled epoxy.

I scraped and sanded the stem that I epoxied together yesterday and it looks pretty good…good enough for the front of the boat, that’s for sure.

I picked up a plywood scrap that had been cut with some curves in it and decided to use it as a template for the gunwales at the front. I clamped it onto the gunwales, loaded that big bit in the router and commenced creating sawdust. They needed a little sanding to fix some irregularities but it came out pretty close. I’ll do some more work after I epoxy everything together.

I made a list of things left to do as I will sit down shortly and put together a completion plan…lots of work. It was good to make the list as it is easy to forget just what else is involved. I am sure that when I review it I will come up with some more items.

I also laid out the fiberglass cloth I am going to use on the bottom. It is a fair bit narrower than the bottom at its widest point so am going to have to do some thinking about whether or not I need to get some wider cloth to completely cover the bottom.


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