4/199 Leeboard Guards Nearly Done

Today I picked up some more lumber from Windsor plywood before heading for home. Once I got home I started working on the lower leeboard support. I used the upper guard as a template for the curve of the hull. I clamped the blank to the upper leeboard guard against the fence that was still nailed to the upper leeboard guard and then traced the curve onto the blank. This way, I had a surface that would be parallel to the upper leeboard slot and it would be easy to rip it to the correct width.

I clamped that blank to a sawhorse and used the router freehand to get things close. Finished up with some sanding with the Sand Shark to get it to fit.

Then, I screwed the lower guard to the hull and used a plumb bob to mark points that were parallel to the inner upper leeboard support. Put it onto the table saw and ripped it to width plus a little bit.

Then, I marked out where the hole for the bolt should go through and took the leeboard suport and leeboard to my friend Terry Dopsons’ place to drill the holes using his drill press. After we did that, Terry came back to my place. We put the boat up on sawhorses and assembled the leeboard guards, I drilled a hole through the hull and we bolted the leeboard in place. It is lined up pretty dang good!! I need to file a bit of material from the knob on the leeboard and it will be fine. I made the slot a bit too wide. It is about 3/16″ wider than the leeboard…not much more than Jim recommends in the plans (or his book – can’t remember which) bit it seems a bit sloppy. I don’t think it wil really be important but it is a reminder that it is easier to remove material than it is to add it.

After we had that done, we started ripping lumber. Ripped a 2×4 in 3/4″ slices to laminate for the yard and boom. Ripped a 1×8 of mahogany in 2″ and 2 – 1 1/2″ strips for the seat support posts and the keel respectively.

Cleaned up, sanded a bit inside the boat and spent some time figuring out how to support the seats along the hull and how to reinforce the leeboard mounting bolt.


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