2/201 More Leeboard Guard Action

Picked up a 5/8″ Forstner bit today to countersink holes large enough for the washers used with the 1/4″ bolts used to attach the upper leeboard guard to the gunwale. I measured the distance from end to end on the gunwale…33″. Then I measured in 1 1/2″ from each end for the two end bolts and then I measured 6″ intervals from the 1 1/2″ marks. I put a tick mark on the edge of the gunwale and then used a square to extend the lines. I used the joint between the two laminations on the gunwale as the centre and marked the location of each hole.

I drilled small guide holes and then used the Forstner bit. I was using an attachment to the drill that allows me to set a stop for the depth and also has a base that makes it more likely that the holes will be perpendicular to the surface. After the Forstner bit was done its job I drilled 1/4″ holes through the gunwales and the upper leeboard guard which I had clamped to the gunwale. SOme of the holes were less than perfectly centered so I would suggest getting a Forstner bit a bit larger than the washers. My bit was exactly the same size as the washer. The tightening forced them down in the holes but I think it would be better had I used a 3/4″ Forstner bit instead of the 5/8″ bit.

After that was done I moved everything to the side to permit us to move the new van into the garage as severe thunderstorms were predicted and we don’t want any hail damage on the new Sienna, thank-you very much!

I then disassembled the upper leeboard guard in order to not have anything in my way for the installation of the lower leeboard guard.

I screwed the guard on and traced around it with a pencil to help lining it up when the epoxy laden pieces are lined up. Then I took it off, mixed some epoxy and brushed it on the lower guard and the hull where it will be installed. I mixed up some more epoxy and thickened it pretty much to the point of fillet thickness. I spread that on both surfaces with a stick very generously as there were some irregularities on the inner surface of the guard and I wanted to be sure of a completely covered and filled joint. I lined things up and screwed the guard from the inside of the hull with 3/4″ screws. I plan to use 2″ long screws to screw through the 3/4″ thick seat support (that will be installed over the 3/4″ screws), through the hull and into the leeboard support….just to tie it together a little bit more.

I radiused the squeeze-out with the end of a mixing stick and removed the excess with a stick and a scraper…and called it a night. I plan to get up early tomorrow, mix up a little EZ-Fillet and put a thicker fillet on the top and bottom and then lay some tape in the fillet and saturate with unthickened epoxy. Likely a bit of overkill but Jim says to make these joints strong so I can’t think of what else to do.


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