7/210 – Seat Supports, etc Photo Catch-up

Sunday, June 29th was a HOT day…well for here anyway after the long cold spring we have had. I was in the garage at 7:45 trying to get a few things done. First off I laminated a spar together. Used every C-clamp that I own to keep the joint together and align both halves of the spar.

Next, I fabricated two seat supports from mahogany. I figured this would take no time at all but, as usual, it took me way longer than I expected. I measured where it would go on the bulkhead, how high the 2×4 would be and laid out the tapers. I then clamped this blank to a sawhorse with a piece of 1/4 ply to act as a fence and used the router to trim the tapers. I spent some time sanding and planing the imperfections and then used this blank to cut another by using the router and template bit again.

Then, it was time to lay out the holes for the 1/4″ bolts and to countersink them with a 3/4″ Forstner bit. It took me a while to find the instructions for this drill add-on that has a base and allows you to do a pretty decent job without a drill press. I NEARLY blew it by drilling the countersink holes on the wrong side of the second piece – caught myself just in time…if you are doing something similar, be sure to double check and mark which side the holes get drilled on or you could wind up making a big boo-boo!

Got that done and then fitted the pieces to the bulkheads and the fillets where the bottom joins the bulkhead. Got things lined up and then drilled pilot holes and screwed the supports to the bulkhead.

Painted the mating surfaces with epoxy and then added wood flour and cabosil to the remainder, put that on using a sandwich bag and screwed the support to the bulkhead, smoothed out the joint with my finger and then scooped up any leftover epoxy with a plastic spreader.

Took me most of the day to get the first two made and attached to the boat.

I managed to get the two for the other bulkhead roughed out before leaving for a concert at 4:30.

Monday, June 30, 2008 – Finished shaping the seat supports for the front bulkhead, attached one before going out for supper and then did the second when we came home. It was hot yesterday – 32 Celsius or 90 F, and the epoxy set up pretty fast. When I put the wood flour/cabosil mixture into the sandwich bag it was getting pretty warm to the touch and the lump that was left over hardened up VERY quickly.

Here are some catch-up photos of the leeboard guard/supports and other stuff….

Top support blank before routing out the slot for the leeboard

Top support bolted and epoxied into place

Top and bottom epoxied into place.


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