6/223 Seat Support, Mast Partner and Step

I ripped the seat support piece and got it installed. Because the bolt that the leeboard rotates around passes through this support I did the following to make sure it passed through the right place: I took a piece of scrap and lined it up with a mark for the upper edge of the support. I drilled through the leeboard support into and through the scrap…being careful to avoid my body parts holding it against the hull. Then, I bent the support piece into place and held it there with a piece of scrap wile I marked where the leeboard bolt hole goes. I then lined up the scrap with this mark and, using the scrap as a guide, drilled a hole through the support piece.

I was then able to use the bolt to pull the support piece flush against the hull, move the ends into line and drill through the hull into them. Once I had drilled guide holes I took everything apart, painted things up with epoxy and then thickened epoxy and then pulled everything tight using the bolt to align things and get a few screws driven into place. Then I removed the bolt and wiped it down to get the bits of epoxy off it. After that it was pretty easy to line up the ends and screw things together until everything was nice and tight.

Next on the agenda was sanding the yard and boom. I sanded all surfaces with 80 grit, then 150 and finally 220.

Then, I figured out how I was going to build the mast partner and mast step using left-over pieces of 2×4.

Today, July 4th, I picked up some stuff from Bolt Supply and Lee Valley. I was a bit dismayed to find that the bolt length I needed for the leeboard wasn’t available. (The bolt I have been using is about 1 1/2 inches too long) I came home and cut the parts for the two mast assemblies. While doing so, I managed to drop a mallet and nail my thumb leaving a big blood blister under the nail. I also cut some aluminum for the partner to size. It is really easy to work on the table saw. I had never cut aluminum before so I was a bit nervous making contact with my expensive Freud blade the first time.

I mixed up some epoxy and assembled the mast step. Then, I went over to my good friend Terry Dopson’s to use his drill press to drill the holes in the parts of the partner. We got that done and then Terry…who is an expert in smashing his fingernails and leaving nasty blood blisters underneath them gave me his dremel tool and a sharp little bit to carefully cut a hole in my thumbnail and relieve the pressure…..man did the blood ever spurt out of that thing!!!! But it sure feels a lot better.

Before and after the surgery…

Came home after Chuck and Terry had me stay for supper and realized I had missed drilling two holes in the partner and also realized Terry might be able to help me with threading the too long bolt I had for the leeboard. Sure enough, he had the tools so I headed over and we ran the threads further down the bolt and cut off the excess and drilled the holes in the partner.

Came home, cleaned up a bit and called it a night.

Tomorrow…time to sand the rudder and leeboard and get the plywood out of the basement for the seats and get started on that. I may go looking for some lumber for the mast. I think I am going to use the Sitka Spruce I bought to make Greenland style kayak paddles. If I can find something that is long enough to laminate two pieces together and not have to make 5 or 6 scarfs I’ll likely save 2 or 3 days of time.


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