7/230 Seats!

Today I spent a lot of time with the belt sander shaping the rudder and leeboard. I also drilled holes in the rudder and rudder cheek and bolted them together. Not much to say about that but the wind was howling outside, it was hot and the belt sander is noisy. Our poor neighbours are going to be glad to see me loading this boat on a trailer and not working on it anymore.

Then, I hauled the 3/8″ plywood up from the basement and started figuring out how to cut and fit the seats. I measured the widest point and used the jigsaw to cut the first seat roughly to size. It was so windy I didn’t want to try using the table saw as everything cut is fed out the garage door to the driveway. I then laid this piece on top of the bulkheads and gunwales and marked the outline of the bulkheads and hull on the bottom of the sheet.

Started working away with my trusty plane….and working and working. As I proceeded I realized that things at the seat level weren’t consistent with things at the gunwale level. I finally got the seat panel to drop in on top of the support 2×4 and rotated it towards the hull. Lots of work to do. I used a pencil to scribe the outer edge and then took down the high points. After a couple of iterations the gap looked pretty consistent but I had a lot of work to do. I decided to set the table saw fence right next to the blade so that I could take off little more than a saw kerf of width. Tried it. Still had lots extra. After two more tries the piece finally fit into place but I have larger gaps than I would like in places……BUT I have a seat in my boat!!!! I am so excited I just get into it and sit down. Then I lie down on my back and then on my side…I could sleep on it in a pinch but I think the boys will fit perfectly 😉

Got busy on the second seat and in 35 minutes had it done and it fir much better than the first one. I didn’t leave as much extra this time and it took a couple of passes with the table saw and a couple of scribing and planing sessions and I was done.

I grabbed a cushion from an old lounge chair, laid it on the seat, made myself a latte and stretched out and had my coffee. It felt great!

Here are some photos….

Finally….the coin in my mast step…


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