3/239 Hatch, Mast?, Partner

I came home from work a bit early and proceeded to epoxy together the rear hatch supports. It went pretty well.

I also epoxied the last piece of the mast partner. Later in the evening I clamped the partner to the bulkhead and drilled holes through the bulkhead.

I also ripped the 2×10 into 3 strips…the centre about 1 1/2 inches which are cracked and scrap….and two pieces off the sides. Except for a couple of bad knotty spots on one of them I would be in business I think. I’m going to look at scarfing the one with the bad spots and see what I would get. Otherwise I’m going to go back and get another 2×10 or a few 2×4’s or 6’s until I get something worth gluing up.

After consulting with Chuck L. I have decided to construct hatch supports for the front bulkhead similar to the rear one. I’ll add a cross member about 1/3 of the way from the front to the rear and then construct supports similar to the ones just finished for the rear compartment. With any luck I’ll have that well under way by the end of tomorrow.

This photo shows approximately where I will add the cross member. The hatch will have an opening of about 14 inches, the same as the hatch at the rear.


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