6/275 Substantial Completion & Off On Vacation

The last three days I have gotten a few things done. I fabricated and epoxied a couple of thimbles to the yard. I finished epoxying the front hatch. I epoxied 1/4 inch ply to the 11 and 13 bulkheads in front of and behind the hatch so that the decking will look continuous when installed.

What’s left:
– Mast
– melt lead into rudder for sinkweight
– cut slot in rudder as a reboarding aid
– epoxy mast step to bottom
– epoxy motor board to transom
– epoxy rudder mounting board to transom
– build tiller
– glass bottom
– epoxy stem after installing U-Bolts which are in transit from Duckworks BBS
– Epoxy and attach keel to bottom after bottom glassed
– Sand and varnish and paint
– Attach all rigging, rudder, leeboard

It’s getting to be a relatively short list! We are leaving on vacation Friday for a couple of weeks. I will be back on August 3rd for a week and hope to get a lot done before I go back to BC to pick up Patty and the boys. As we are going to BC if I can obtain some good lumber out there for the mast I may put it together while I am gone. My buddy Mike, who lives in Duncan would love to do that I am sure….as long as I let him use his chainsaw on the mast at some point in time đŸ˜‰

Hopefully it will be on the water by the end of August. I don’t want to be learning to sail in September as the lakes are already getting pretty cold by then.

Photos of where things are at right now….

See ya later!!!


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