8/285 Catch-up to August 14, 2008

I got out of the habit of posting to the blog and have kind of lost track of what I have done since returning from vacation. I haven’t done much unfortunately. I have to admit that I am having a hard time getting motivated when all I see is sanding in my future. I have realized that I will not be finished this summer and that is depressing, which doesn’t help my motivation.

Last night, August 14th I sanded the spars and put the first coat of varnish on them. I expected to be able to sand them and put another coat on before leaving for work but the varnish was still soft in the morning. It sure makes a difference in how they look though!! I think I will varnish more of the wood than I have been planning just because it looks so awesome!! I’m also reconsidering the colour to paint the boat. I am liking red and white right now.

I have been delayed getting started on the mast due to a big difference in weight between the two boards. Chuck Leinweber explained to me that this sort of difference isn’t uncommon with Douglas Fir and suggested I weigh them and wait a week to see if the weight changed much. I’m too impatient and don’t have a scale I would trust for that type of measurement so yesterday I picked up a moisture meter and tested the two boards…the heavy one has a lower moisture content (8%) than the light one (11%)! But, they are both plenty dry to proceed with so laminating them may be my project for tonight after work.


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