3/288 …to August 19th

Over the last 5 days I haven’t done much. Put five coats of varnish on the spars and they look great! Tonight I sanded and put the first coat of varnish on the hatch covers. I am going to use varnish on quite a bit of the boat. The spars convinced me to take the time. The wood looks fabulous!

I went to Canadian Tire tonight and picked up a few more clamps for clamping the mast together. Got a pretty good deal on some 12″ bar clamps – $5.99 each. Not the highest quality but I won’t be using them everyday.

We are supposed to start getting some cooler weather. I think I will take a day or two off work if that happens and finish glassing the hull and putting the keel, transom and stem on. Once that is done it is pretty much sand and paint time…as well as build the mast and finish the rudder and leeboard.

I am starting to get my enthusiasm back!


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