7/295 To August 23rd

Since last post I have laminated the mast halves together, rolled the boat and done a ton of sanding and worked on fine-tuning the rudder leeboard shape. I also tied the sail to the spars just to see what it looked like šŸ™‚

Laminating the mast went ok…it is good that I picked up some more clamps as I needed every one of them. One of the boards had a bit of a kink in it and it took lots of persuasion to get it clamped up tight enough to the other board to get good squeeze-out. The finished product has a bit of a curve in it but I will cut the mast out straight so that shouldn’t matter. I will try and find a wood shop somewhere with a band saw that will do the tapering for me. All the options for doing it myself I either don’t like or will take too long.

The last couple of days I have done a lot of sanding on the outside of the hull. I thought it was in pretty good shape but my memory was faulty as it needed a lot of sanding. Most of the joints had been faired with Quik-Fair so it came off pretty easy. I had been thinking I would glass the bottom this weekend but I don’t know if I have enough epoxy left (I ordered some more on Friday) and I sure wouldn’t want to run out partway through glassing the hull. I’ll wait until the new stuff shows up on Tuesday or Wednesday and then get going on it if the weather isn’t going to be too warm.

The hull is looking pretty good. I added some more Quik-Fair in the middle where the butt joints are as there were a few rough spots that would just have resulted in bubbles and hassle if I tried to glass over top of them.

I keep changing my mind on what colour to paint the boat. Today I am thinking white outside of the hull with maybe a green stripe 6-8 inches wide below the gunwales, gunwales varnished, hatch covers varnished, mast and spars varnished, mast step and mast partner varnished and the rest of the decks and interior painted a creamy white just so it isn’t too bright when out on the water in the sun.

I also test fitted the first layer of the keel strip….

Here’s the sail tied to the spars. It was such a fabulous day today, it would have been wonderful to have been on the water. I think the sail and spars look great!

I have to get a trailer happening!


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