10/353 Two Coats of Primer On!

Over the last three days I have sanded and done a few other odds and ends getting the hull ready for primer. Today, September 16th, I left work early in order to be able to work while it is warm out and I got two coats of primer onto the hull.

I am using a two part epoxy primer called Ameron 383HS. It was suggested to me by the industrial coatings guy at General Paints. I think it is going to be tough but the fumes off of it are brutal. I don’t want to use it anymore and I ordered some System Three Yacht Primer which is two part water based and doesn’t require a respirator while you are putting it on. It also cleans up with water. I think I’ll take the remainder of the Ameron primer to general paints for disposal when I go see them to buy some marine enamel. That stuff is just rank!

The Ameron was kind of funny stuff. You can mix up enough to cover half the hull and it stays liquid in the paint tray but as soon as you roller or brush it on it starts to set up quickly enough that it is very near impossible to keep a wet edge. I was doing this in temperatures in the the low 20s C or low 70s F so it wasn’t very hot. I read somewhere that as soon as you lay this stuff down in a thin coat the solvents are released which permits the epoxy cure process to start. That’s how it stays liquid and gives you a long pot life I guess

The hull looks not too bad after two coats but I was hoping for something that would level out more…this stuff sets up too quickly for that. The hull will need some more…sanding…. before I put on the final coats of enamel. Hopefully the primer will sand done more easily than the epoxy I just finished sanding for what seemed like forever.

Here is a photo of the primed hull…..

Terry came over to have a look and asked me if I had decided what colour I am going to paint it. I told him I am vacillating between white, red and green and will probably decide while I am in the paint store. He said he’d come back on the weekend to see what I had chosen 🙂

Tomorrow I hope to get one coat of marine enamel on the outside.


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