3/414 And…Yet More Painting

Today was another warm beautiful day. I came home early hoping to finish off nearly everything.

But, I had a couple of problems…the anchor well and the front decking weren’t finished drying in some spots. I was thinking that maybe I had painted them before the epoxy primer had fully cured and that maybe I had just created myself a messy problem.

Couldn’t think of much to do except open the garage door to let the front decking get some heat. I later put a light in the anchor well and covered the top of the well in order to heat things up in there. By bedtime it seems to have worked. I’ll see how these spots are tomorrow after work. If they are good I’ll be able to finish off everything except the gunwales and leeboard guide.

Hunter came out tonight and did a little painting. Rather than look for some paintin’ clothes he just stripped down to his skivvies! What a kid!

Here’s a couple of shots of the boat as it is right now and of the various bits drying in the rest of the garage.

I decided to go with all “Thousand Islands” inside the boat and on the decks. I didn’t like the way the varnished hatch covers looked against the red and this is way easier with no lines to mask off and/or cut in…just slap on the paint. I think it’s going to look pretty good with the red seats and the varnished gunwales, mast and spars. Can’t wait!


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