4/418 Glorious Fall Day

Gorgeous fall day and I spent a few more hours sanding and painting/varnishing. I finished painting the decking and anchor well and the leeboard. Everything dried very quickly as it as 27C or 80F to day…calm, just an unbelievably gorgeous day.

I was able to quickly start sanding the gunwales to get them ready for their first coat of varnish. The boat looked fabulous with the first coat of varnish on the gunwales. My neighbour, Al, who owns an autobody shop came down to take a look and really liked it…except for the choice of colour for the seats and other bits. He thinks it looks like primer and has promised to mercilessly bug me until I change it. I have to agree with him. I’m just so tired of painting and want to leave it until next spring. Al promises me he won’t let me do that. I’ll see…maybe I can get the bits repainted in time for a launch day next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The mast looks fabulous. The last coat of Epifanes varnish was the first coat that went on unthinned and I was blown away by how great it looked and how quickly it had dried. The Varathane stuff I have been using on the tiller stays sticky for 2 days per coat. I put another coat on tonight and am thinking that will likely be it for this year. I can’t wait for morning to see how it looks.


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