7/435 Almost done!

Today I mounted the pintles, gudgeons and other assorted hardware. I also put the seats back into the boat.

Here is a shot of something I did that I thought was pretty trick…I drilled out the bracket for the cheek pulley used for the rudder uphaul on the tiller so that the bolt that passes through the tiller and rudder cheek also passes through the end of the bracket of the pulley.

All I have left to do is:

– a couple more coats of varnish on the gunwales
– a coat of paint on the leeboard, rudder and rudder cheek
– 2 through bolts on the stop on the rudder cheek
– touchup paint on the seats
– 4 bolt holes and bolts to attach main sheet block to the tiller
– 2 bolts to mount a fairlead for the leeboard uphaul
– mount u-bolts to stem
– mount cleat to mast for halyard. I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for bolts so that I can through bolt this to the mast. I have decided to use the longest screws I have and see how that works. If the screws get pulled out I’ll have to keep looking for bolts. If not….nothing left to do.

Pretty short list!! Here are some other photos at the end of today’s work.


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