4/439 Just when you think….

you’re finished, something else pops up.

Today I picked up a few bolts to finish things off and came home and was well underway when the fellow building my trailer called and came over with the trailer. We mounted the bunks I made on the trailer and then I finished everything except one thing.

Later in the evening I got a couple of neighbours to help me lift the boat onto the trailer. We were talking about things and then I thought…I should make sure the mast fits in the partner properly before I take it out sailing tomorrow. So, we rolled the trailer out int the driveway and I tried to drop the mast in…I need to cut the partner back on an angle about 3/16 of an inch so that the mast will fit. Due to the angle the mast makes and the fact I made the partner opening very close to 3″ square the mast just won’t drop in so I will be a while longer before I get that taken care of and a few other trailering items that were identified this evening.

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