Re-Entry Idea

It is suggested by many people that one should have something at the stern to aid in re-entry from the water after a capsize…a slot cut in the rudder, a loop of rope attached to the rudder, a rope ladder, etc. I had been planning on attaching a u-bolt in the rear slop well to tie the outboard to and also tie a rope with a loop in it or something similar as a reentry aid. When I went looking for the u-bolt I thought I had I couldn’t find it and after some searching realized I had used it in the mast step for the downhaul anchor.

I started looking at what I had and how I could rig something up and then got an idea based on an ocean kayaking method of using a rope to help you re-enter a kayak. In kayaking you would have the rope loop around the cockpit coaming and then step into it. It occurred to me that I could have a rope around the rear hatch long enough to go into the water at the stern and use it as a step. I think it’s a pretty good idea. I have an old handle from a snow shovel that I will attach to the rope to give a solid step. Here are some pictures…

Best of all, it can be quite securely fastened under the latches for the hatch and not interfere with the operation of the hatch.


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  1. duckworks


    This is a good plan which should work fine. It really is a good idea to think about these things before hand. But hopefully you will never have to try it out.


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