Capsize Test

I wrote up the capsize test I did last week on the UgoIgoToo blog. Thought I’d put a link to it here as it may be of interest to prospective builders.



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2 responses to “Capsize Test

  1. mje1066

    Great blog! I’ve been contemplating building a Ladybug or a Mayfly next spring, and your blog has been a tremendous help in understanding what’s involved, and how long it would take.

    • Murray Stevens


      Glad you have found the blog helpful. I enjoy Ladybug more every year. It has been a great boat to learn to sail in and we have fun with it doing many different things. In September I took it out to Port Townsend, WA to use while attending a Small Craft Academy Skills course put on by Howard Rice and John Welsford. John Welsford sailed a fair bit in my boat and really likes the Ladybug design. Coming from a well regarded designer like John, that was very comforting to hear.

      Feel free to email me if you have any questions about building Ladybug.

      I haven’t been posting to my other blog very much but some of the recent updates I did are documented there…



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