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Plywood to boat!


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4/439 Just when you think….

you’re finished, something else pops up.

Today I picked up a few bolts to finish things off and came home and was well underway when the fellow building my trailer called and came over with the trailer. We mounted the bunks I made on the trailer and then I finished everything except one thing.

Later in the evening I got a couple of neighbours to help me lift the boat onto the trailer. We were talking about things and then I thought…I should make sure the mast fits in the partner properly before I take it out sailing tomorrow. So, we rolled the trailer out int the driveway and I tried to drop the mast in…I need to cut the partner back on an angle about 3/16 of an inch so that the mast will fit. Due to the angle the mast makes and the fact I made the partner opening very close to 3″ square the mast just won’t drop in so I will be a while longer before I get that taken care of and a few other trailering items that were identified this evening.

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7/435 Almost done!

Today I mounted the pintles, gudgeons and other assorted hardware. I also put the seats back into the boat.

Here is a shot of something I did that I thought was pretty trick…I drilled out the bracket for the cheek pulley used for the rudder uphaul on the tiller so that the bolt that passes through the tiller and rudder cheek also passes through the end of the bracket of the pulley.

All I have left to do is:

– a couple more coats of varnish on the gunwales
– a coat of paint on the leeboard, rudder and rudder cheek
– 2 through bolts on the stop on the rudder cheek
– touchup paint on the seats
– 4 bolt holes and bolts to attach main sheet block to the tiller
– 2 bolts to mount a fairlead for the leeboard uphaul
– mount u-bolts to stem
– mount cleat to mast for halyard. I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for bolts so that I can through bolt this to the mast. I have decided to use the longest screws I have and see how that works. If the screws get pulled out I’ll have to keep looking for bolts. If not….nothing left to do.

Pretty short list!! Here are some other photos at the end of today’s work.

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10/428 Hatches and the Search for Bolts

The last two days have been pretty good but also frustrating. I got the hatches hinged and latched and supported. It was trickier than I thought and I screwed up the first hatch and had to fill one set of holes I drilled in the top deck. But, they are hinged and have latches to lock them shut and spring supports from Duckworks that work so slick it’s not even funny. You lift the hatch until the spring straightens and then “bing” it straightens out and the hatch is supported. To close you just poke a finger into the middle of the spring and lower the hatch. Really simple and effective.

I repainted the leeboard guard, leeboard, rudder, cheek, seats and seat supports to the same colour as the interior. Possibly more boring but the red just wasn’t working with the mahogany.

I also spent time Friday and Saturday trying to find bolts for the various fittings I need to attach to complete the boat. Some have been impossible to find so I will have to keep looking or use inferior methods of mounting them which I don’t want to do.

Here are some photos…

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14/403 Sep 27 & 28/2008

The last two days have been busy and productive. The biggest milestone has been epoxying the front decking to the hull. This was a big job requiring lots of clamps and a little resourcefulness. I tried clamping it in place withthe clamps on hand and figured I needed about 4 more of the bar clamps that I like so I went to Canadian Tire and picked 4 up. When clamping the sides at the front the very front part above the anchor well bowed up and away from the first bulkhead. It took a lot of weight applied to it and I didn’t have enough toolboxes, etc to do the job.

So, I looked at how I could pull it down and came up with the idea of using rope to apply pressure to it. I was a bit nervous about the knot slipping or the rope stretching and I checked it a few times to make sure it was holding properly.

After that was done, I primed and painted and sanded. At the end of Sunday night I have one coat of paint in the cockpit, a coat of primer on everything except the front decking and anchor well, a coat of paint on the seats and one seat support and a coat of varnish on the mast.

With any luck I should have it all painted and varnished for next weekend. In the last photo you can see the colour for the seats…and maybe the decking as well. It’s a red called “Maple Leaf Red”. I think it goes very nicely with the “Thousand Islands” beige but am not so sure it will look good next to the varnished hatch covers. Well, if it doesn’t it’s only paint and nothing that hours of sanding and painting can’t fix 😉

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4/389 Mast!!! and Decking

Well, today I steeled up my courage and went at the mast with the Makita 1902 planer I purchased a week or so ago. It went pretty well. In about 2 1/2 hours I was done with the planer. The rest will be sanding, maybe some hand plane to round over the edges and varnishing. I’m really sorry I didn’t get a picture taken of me working on this outside in the driveway. I filled 2 garbage bags with shavings and sawdust. I had a perfect day…warm and calm so the shavings and dust weren’t blowing everywhere. This is not something to do inside….way too messy.

This evening I epoxied one of the rear decks into place before calling it a day. I had expected to be able to do both sides of the back but the first required more clamps than I expected and I ran out of the nice non-marring ones so I will do the other side first thing in the morning.

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3/381 Mast Step

Today I used up the rest of the Benjamin Moore white paint putting a second coat on the front compartment.

Next, I mixed up some epoxy and used it to seal the the lead into the rudder. Then I thickened the remainder and used it to fair the top of the sink weight.

Lastly, I epoxied the mast step into place.

Next is more painting inside the bulkheads, sanding of the gunwales, anchor wells and engine well followed by painting.

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