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Plywood to boat!


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2/441 Done!

I am done. Today I mounted the last pieces of hardware, tied the sail to the spars (in the dark in the rain on the front lawn with lightning flashing), figured out how to rig the halyard, put on a final coat of varnish (for this year) and put the licence plate on the trailer.

The ghastly crew….

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10/428 Hatches and the Search for Bolts

The last two days have been pretty good but also frustrating. I got the hatches hinged and latched and supported. It was trickier than I thought and I screwed up the first hatch and had to fill one set of holes I drilled in the top deck. But, they are hinged and have latches to lock them shut and spring supports from Duckworks that work so slick it’s not even funny. You lift the hatch until the spring straightens and then “bing” it straightens out and the hatch is supported. To close you just poke a finger into the middle of the spring and lower the hatch. Really simple and effective.

I repainted the leeboard guard, leeboard, rudder, cheek, seats and seat supports to the same colour as the interior. Possibly more boring but the red just wasn’t working with the mahogany.

I also spent time Friday and Saturday trying to find bolts for the various fittings I need to attach to complete the boat. Some have been impossible to find so I will have to keep looking or use inferior methods of mounting them which I don’t want to do.

Here are some photos…

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4/418 Glorious Fall Day

Gorgeous fall day and I spent a few more hours sanding and painting/varnishing. I finished painting the decking and anchor well and the leeboard. Everything dried very quickly as it as 27C or 80F to day…calm, just an unbelievably gorgeous day.

I was able to quickly start sanding the gunwales to get them ready for their first coat of varnish. The boat looked fabulous with the first coat of varnish on the gunwales. My neighbour, Al, who owns an autobody shop came down to take a look and really liked it…except for the choice of colour for the seats and other bits. He thinks it looks like primer and has promised to mercilessly bug me until I change it. I have to agree with him. I’m just so tired of painting and want to leave it until next spring. Al promises me he won’t let me do that. I’ll see…maybe I can get the bits repainted in time for a launch day next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The mast looks fabulous. The last coat of Epifanes varnish was the first coat that went on unthinned and I was blown away by how great it looked and how quickly it had dried. The Varathane stuff I have been using on the tiller stays sticky for 2 days per coat. I put another coat on tonight and am thinking that will likely be it for this year. I can’t wait for morning to see how it looks.

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3/414 And…Yet More Painting

Today was another warm beautiful day. I came home early hoping to finish off nearly everything.

But, I had a couple of problems…the anchor well and the front decking weren’t finished drying in some spots. I was thinking that maybe I had painted them before the epoxy primer had fully cured and that maybe I had just created myself a messy problem.

Couldn’t think of much to do except open the garage door to let the front decking get some heat. I later put a light in the anchor well and covered the top of the well in order to heat things up in there. By bedtime it seems to have worked. I’ll see how these spots are tomorrow after work. If they are good I’ll be able to finish off everything except the gunwales and leeboard guide.

Hunter came out tonight and did a little painting. Rather than look for some paintin’ clothes he just stripped down to his skivvies! What a kid!

Here’s a couple of shots of the boat as it is right now and of the various bits drying in the rest of the garage.

I decided to go with all “Thousand Islands” inside the boat and on the decks. I didn’t like the way the varnished hatch covers looked against the red and this is way easier with no lines to mask off and/or cut in…just slap on the paint. I think it’s going to look pretty good with the red seats and the varnished gunwales, mast and spars. Can’t wait!

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4/411 Paintin’

Today I painted nearly everything at least once. I decided to go with all Thousand Islands in the cockpit, decks and wells so I put the first coat on the decks and wells and the second coat in the cockpit. Varnished the mast and tiller, painted the rudder, seats, rudder cheek and one side of the leeboard.

Tomorrow I should get the hull finished and be able to take off the masking tape and get started varnishing the gunwales.

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4/407 More priming and painting

Today I got Everything covered with at least two coats of primer….well, except for the top of the leeboard that I noticed 30 seconds after having dumped the last little bit of primer 😦 Now I’ll have to mix up a small batch just for that spot. Dang!

Put a second coat of varnish on the mast, second coats of paint on the bottom and part of the cockpit, second coats of paint on the seats. Tomorrow evening I should be able to sand everything that I primed today and start painting. Shouldn’t take too long. Varnishing the gunwales will be the last job…and that will take a while to finish as I have to get the rest painted before I lift off the masking tape and sand the gunwales to prep them for the varnish.

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