My Dad, Fred Stevens, is the only person I know that built a boat, a small fishing boat. I had all kinds of adventures in that boat as a kid. Mom and Dad let me row it all over Emerald Lake by myself. Sometimes our dog, Blackie, would accompany me 🙂 Actually, going out in the boat without Blackie was nearly impossible as if I took off without him he would swim after me until I relented and pulled him aboard. He was a great pal.

It was a small lake and never very rough unless the wind was really howling. I used to go out fishing in it but mostly rowed up and down the shore or went across to the point where the Boy Scout camp was located. I remember my friend Dennis Pevach and I setting up our old canvas tent over there and rowing back and forth to eat at the cabin but sleeping in the tent all by ourselves at night. Great memories.

Dad liked names with what I would describe as a 1920’s-30’s type of humour. He named our cabin “Our Haven from Slavin'” and he painted the name UGO IGO (You Go, I Go) on the side of the boat. He got a big chuckle when people couldn’t figure out what it meant and he had to explain it to them.

I wore Dad’s old coveralls while working on the boat, I used his old handplanes, wrenches and other tools. I know he would get a real kick out of seeing this boat…he’s been gone since 1994…but maybe he has been watching it come together. I don’t know.

In memory of my dear old Dad, I am calling this boat Ugo Igo Too….because it is the second Ugo Igo and because it carries on the friendliness of the original name. I dedicate this boat to him.

Gram Simpson, my older brother Larry, Dad and me.

Gram Simpson, my older brother Larry, Dad and me.